Fencing Solutions

The industry leader in portable sanitation products/services is now serving you temporary fence rentals! Whether it’s a construction site or an event, big or small, Nature’s Call team knows how to secure your site.

A 6-foot tall fence surrounds a roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland

Nature's Call Fencing Solutions in Ontario

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Event Fencing

Our on-site installation team are industry specialists with the knowledge and experience to handle all your site needs. We can provide helpful tips to maximize your site security.

Nature’s Call Fence Solutions can accommodate irregular set up or take down times. Concerts, festivals, races, ribfests or other community events, our team will be there to serve you.

4 foot metal fencing setup indoors

Our powder-coated modular fencing above is available in 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot tall panels.


  • 4’ x 10’
    Modular Fence Panel Powder Coated Black w/ Metallic Silver Bases
    Weighs: 70lbs
  • 6’ x 10’
    Modular Fence Panel Powder Coated Black w/ Metallic Silver Bases
    Weighs: 90lbs
  • 8’ x 10’
    Modular Fence Panel Powder Coated Black w/ Metallic Silver Bases
    Weighs: 100lbs
  • 6’ High
    90% Visual Block Black Privacy Screen
    50’ sections
  • 8’ High
    90% Visual Block Black Privacy Screen
    50’ sections

a silver temporary fence across a driveway

The C-Type barricade above is hot dipped and galvanized for durability.


  • 4’ x 7’
    C-Type Bike Rack Crowd Barricade
    Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Additional accessories: sand bags, wheels, t-bars, security clamps

Construction Fencing

Construction sites prioritize safety and we do to. Let us secure your site with our high stability modular fence panels today. Our installation team is equipped with all safety equipment and tools to complete your job. Our construction safety signage is available to remind people of all site requirements when visiting.

Hop the fence and come get that that first class sanitation service you experienced for 29 years with our temporary fence team!

Fence Gallery

Nature’s Call C-Type barricades are more than just fences.
C-Type temporary fencing on grass
Our installers can prepare an outdoor bicycle valet like this one.
a large bike valet made easy using temporary fencing
Manage long lineups at your event to make admission a breeze.
a long queue made manageable using temporary fencing
Use our temporary fences to protect plants from harm.
a small section of fencing protects a building's garden
Create a VIP section for special guests and their entourage.
the VIP section at Toronto's Field Trip 2018
Our privacy screens keep eyes on the main event!
privacy fencing obscures construction


“I would just like to send a big thank you and congratulations out to each and every one of you for all the help and support… for doing what you could to have the new trucks and trailers just in time, so valuable on site with driving ability, work ethic and great energy!! Just your presence on site really drove the crew to power through all that fence. For them to see you guys out there slugging away right beside them, shows just how this company rolls when the duty calls.”

Cheryl Beeden
Sporting Life 10k

“Thank you and your staff again SO MUCH for the excellent service. We couldn’t believe how professional, organized and awesome everyone from your team was. We had absolutely zero issues with fencing or portolets and the entire thing was so smooth. ”

Lisa La Rocca
Operations Manager, Sonic Unyon Records